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Mastek MK300 Vertical Type Pallet Strapping Machine

Aug. 16, 2023

Strapping machines, also known as bundlers or banders, are used for high volume applications. And it is widely used in many industries, such as food, beverage, commodities, machinery & hardware, apparel, 3C electronics, warehousing and logistics, textiles.  

They are available in horizontal and vertical orientations. They are also available in bottom seal, side seal, and top seal orientations, which define where the joint is located on the bundle.

Fully automatic strapping machines substantially improve efficiency in a warehouse and also the overall presentation of a packaged product. The automatic machines can additionally be used inline with conveyor systems.

Mastek MK300 is vertical type pallet strapping machine. It is suitable for palletized packages in all form standard shapes that do not need to be compressed. Equipped with advanced technology---Ultrasonic type SEPOII, which is quiet and dust-free operation, up to 90% of strap breaking load. Servo Motor drive system, strapping tension can be adjusted on the screen. 

MK300 pallet strapping machine adopts world-renowned key parts, such as SEW motor, Siemens PLC, Siemens inverter, SICK sensor. And it also offers a 3-year warranty. Operation guidance shown in the screen guides operator how to do the next step, it will be easier for operators to understand the machine, and use the machine smoothly.

MK300 can do multifunction design.

1.90 degree slew bearing type turntable

2.Moving frame

3.Dual strapping head

4.Top edge protector applicator

5.Powered super PET jumbo dispenser

6.Automatic Batten feeder

Mastek always adheres to the principle of customer satisfaction as the first. Do best Chinese brand, achieve the world quality machine!

Mastek MK300 Vertical Type Pallet Strapping Machine

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