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MK60S Semi Automatic Strapping Machine

Durable Sealing Head
Durable Sealing Head

    Japan Technology Sealing Head

    Dual DC motor>30,0000 times

    Durability and Build Quality: Since semi-automatic strapping machines are designed for industrial use, they often feature sturdy construction and durable components to withstand the rigors of continuous operation.

Easy Opertaion
Easy Opertaion

    Straps delivery out automatic 

    Soft tightening straps during work

    Intuitive controls and interface make it easy for operators to set up and operate the machine efficiently.

Easy Adjustment

    Electrical tension adjustment 

    Electrical Fix Length adjustment 

    Allows users to adjust the tension of the strap according to the package's requirements, ensuring secure but not overly tight strapping. Semi-automatic PP strapping machines can usually accommodate different widths of plastic strapping, allowing flexibility in packaging various-sized items. An efficient strap feed system ensures smooth and consistent feeding of the plastic strap, reducing the chances of jams or disruptions during the strapping process.

Sealing Mechanism

    Typically, semi-automatic strapping machines use a heat sealing mechanism to join the ends of the plastic strap securely.


    This could include features like emergency stop buttons or sensors to prevent injuries or damage to the machine.

After-sales Service
After-sales Service

    The Semi-auto strapping machine comes with troubleshooting guidance and is easy to operate.

    The machine has global IoT capabilities and engineers provide remote services

    We have agents in 31 countries, such as Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, Australia, Canada, the United States and other countries.

Shipping and Sales
Shipping and Sales

    Delivery time: 15-45 working days

    Production capacity: 100sets/month

    Minimum order: 1 set


Motor typeDC motor
Minimum strapping size60x30 mmControl typePCB ADC12
Strapping speed</= 2.5 Seconds/StrapMachine strapping headDouble motor
Tension range3-50KGSealing methodHeat-weld sealing
Table height760mmHeating Devicenickel-chromium alloy material

Ls1 switchPanasonic
PP straps width5mm-15.5mmKnife holdernickel phosphorus(10 years life)
PP straps thickness0.4mm-1.0mmeccentric shaft seatPatent No. 201721854938.5
Strap Coil Dispenser:

Machine cutterSKS-3
Coil Width200mm

Coil Inner diameter200mmCertification


Maximum roll diameter450mmMachine Warranty1 year

Power consumption:300WOptional
Voltage220V/50Hz 1phase①Table HeightLow table 450mm Model :MK50s
Machine weight65KG②Machine FrameFull Closed
Machine size780mm*545*760mm③Control PanelDigital LCD

Option① Description: Low table 450mmOption② Description: Full Closed VerisonOption③ Description: Digital LCD Screen
MK60S Semi Automatic Strapping MachineMK60S Semi Automatic Strapping MachineMK60S Semi Automatic Strapping Machine

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