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MK900 Fully Automatic Strapping & Wrapping All In One Machine

Pallet Strapping & Wrapping All In One  Save Labor & space
Pallet Strapping & Wrapping All In One Save Labor & space

    ● Fully automatic strapping machine for both PET and PP. Servo drive moving frame is suited to different pallet sizes.

    ● Fully automatic wrapping machine with 250% pre-stretch 

SMART Operation System High efficiency
SMART Operation System High efficiency

    ● Operation guidance (show on screen) Smart Alarm & solution find in screen 

    ● Fully automatic cutting and clamping film  

    ● Remote start machine

Durable parts&Multiple service Reliable Quality

    ● Ultrasonic Strapping Head SIEMENS Electric parts, SICK sensor...

    ● 3 years Warranty for Strapping Head

    ● IoT remote service +7x24 technical support service

High Compatibility Turntable: MK900 Pro

    1800mm Turntable with maximum 1500KG load weight, maximum suitable for 1.25x1.25m pallet.

    Suitable for all kinds of pallet shape (Straps Though Hole Should over 250mm lengthx80mm high)ramp for hand pallet jack to load the pallet on machine.

HEMAX AGV System:HM01 (Base on SRC Laser SLAM)

    1000KG maximum load weight, Lifting Height 174mm, fork Height 104

    Laser Radar + 3D Havcam

    8 Hours working time 

    Accurate Positioning +/- 10mm


Performance:Strapping HeadTop-mounted Utrasonic SEPOII
Packing speed :Approx. 25-30 pallet/hour
(Depending on product height and width)
Maximum pallet size1200mm*1200mm(EUR-pallet)Touch ScreenMastek IoT Screen /SIEMENS
Maximum load height500mm(standard)- 1500mmUp and down motorSEW motor
Minimum load size1000*800mm(W*H)Sealing head motorServo motor
Maximum load weight800KG(2000KG Optional)Sword moving motorServo motor
Tension range500-3000N (adjustable)movable frame motorServo motor
Straps feeding speed2m/secondSensorSICK
Joint sealing length30mmTurntable type1650mm M shape
StrapsSystem Recipe12 Modes
PET1208(12mm wide/0.8mm thickness)Film carriage pre strech rate2.5
1508(15mm wide/0.8mm thickness)Cutting and clamping filmFull automatic
1908(19mm wide/0.8mm thickness)Strap tension Adjustable via touch panel
PP1510(15mm wide/1.0mm thickness)Sealing unit self clean systemHave
Stretch Film
End of strap signalAutomatic detect
10-15KG 500mm high 14-23mic 300% stretch rate
230mm diameter 76mm paper core
Strap Coil Dispenser:CertificationCE
Maximum Coil size600-760mm diameter* 150mm widthTechnical support24hrs x7 days a week
Coil Inner diameter406mm+10mmMachine WarrantyOne year (3 years for strapping head)
Pneumatic Data
Air consumption2-3CFM @ 60-80 PSIOptional
Electricity:①Turntable2000KG load turntable with Ramp
Power consumption:7KW②AGVHEMAX 01
Voltage380V /415/480V/50or 60Hz 3phase③Top Protection sheet folding deviceFor 5mm Paper sheet
Machine weight1800KG④Top edge protector applicator100pcs *100mm*50/50mm*5mm (paper)
Machine size3902*1581*2388mm⑤Strapping headFriction type (Only PET)


MK900 Fully Automatic Strapping


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