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Strapping Machine form Mastek 

Looking for intelligent strapping machines and packaging automation solutions? Mastek is your go-to destination. With a focus on designing, researching, and manufacturing high-quality strapping machines and carton erectors, we have been revolutionizing the back-end automated packaging industry for over 18 years.

Strapping machine is a piece of equipment used to automatically apply strapping (or banding) to packages, cartons, or bundles, securing them for transportation, storage, or handling. These machines streamline the strapping process, improving efficiency and consistency compared to manual methods.

Strapping, also known as banding or bundling, is used to securely hold together items such as packages, cartons, or bundles for transportation, storage, or handling. It involves wrapping a strap, typically made of materials like plastic or metal, around the items and then tensioning and sealing it to create a tight and secure bond.

Types of Strapping Machines

Automatic Strapping Machines: These carton strapping machines fully automate the strapping process, including tensioning, sealing, and cutting the strapping material. They are suitable for high-volume packaging operations where speed and efficiency are essential.

Semi-Automatic Strapping Machines: Semi-automatic machines require some manual intervention, such as feeding the strapping material into the machine and positioning the package. However, they automate the tensioning, sealing, and cutting processes, making them suitable for medium-volume packaging applications.

Manual Strapping Tools: Manual strapping tools, such as handheld strapping tools or combination tools, require manual effort to tension, seal, and cut the strapping material. They are typically used for low-volume or occasional strapping tasks.

Strapping machine for boxes are essential tools for businesses involved in packaging and shipping, helping to improve efficiency, consistency, and the security of packaged goods. The choice of machine depends on factors such as the volume of packaging operations, the type of strapping material used, and specific application requirements.


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