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Strapping Head

Durable Design
Durable Design

    ✮Less Wear Parts

    ✮Less Preventative Maintenance

    ✮Less Complicated inner design (each parts by module design)

    3 Years Warranty on any part of the Ultrasonic strapping head

Ultrasonic & Servo Technology High Performance
Ultrasonic & Servo Technology High Performance

    ✮ Ultrasonic Sealing Both for PP &PET

    Smokeless, Dustfree, Low Noise Level

    ✮>90% of the strap breaking load

    ✮The servo system precisely controls each belt tension, ensuring a consistent seal in any environment.

Safer Operation

    ✮Intelligent self-cleaning system, reduce manual cleaning actions.

    ✮Smart End of Strap Position Detection, through the sensor to ensure that the band end is always in the correct position, reducing manual inspection.

    ✮Smart Tension Electric is adjusted via HMI, which is safer and more intuitive.

Kind of drive

Servo Motor Drive &CylinderType of strap
Tension force500 - 3,000 N (adjustable) Standard
Mains voltage380V/220 V AC / 50 Hz/60HZ 3P/1P

Connected load2.5 kW

Strap Size

Current consumption4 APET1208(12mm wide/0.8mm thickness)
Strap conveying speed
(depending on strap thickness)
approx. 2 m/s
approx. 6.6 ft/s

1508(15mm wide/0.8mm thicknrss)

1908(15mm wide/1.0mm thickness)

Pneumatic Data

PP1510(15mm wide/1.0mm thickness)
Air consumption
2-3CFM @ 60-80 PSIKind of sealUltrasonic Seal
Screws Quantity for installation8 screwsSealing strength
(depending on strap quality, strap dimensions)
up to 90% of the strap breaking load

ca. 80 kg
approx. 176 lb
Electric Drawing /Program Logic
/Machine frame drawing /Accessories

①strapping headFriction type (Only PET)
3 Years
②anti-explosion strapping headDust Proof level SEPOII (anti)

Drawing by mm

Strapping Head

Strapping Head

Packing Materials & Tool

Mastek Tool BoxMastek Knife for film & strap1508 PET Strap14mic Super Nano Film
Strapping HeadStrapping HeadStrapping HeadStrapping Head

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