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Classification of Strapping Machine

Aug. 14, 2023

In order to fix the goods and ensure that the goods are not scattered and collapsed during transportation, a strapping machine is needed.

Whether it's securing products to pallets, bundling materials such as magazines or bags, or adding an extra layer of security to your cartons, our range of strapping machines can make your work faster, more efficient and more cost effective.

According to the degree of automation, strapping machine can be divided into semi-automatic strapping machines and fully automatic strapping machines.


The semi-automatic model is small in appearance, cheap in price, simple in operation, and has low requirements for packing belts, which can be adapted to pp material packing belts. Therefore, it is suitable for small batch production with low output and low speed requirements.

Classification of Strapping Machine

The fully automatic strapping machine is divided into large, medium and small from its appearance and weight. There is no need for manual taping, the machine comes with infrared sensing button, automatic sensing, taping, hot melt bonding, cutting and taping out. 

Fully automatic strapping machine is very convenient, suitable for mass production with the single machine, such as automatic conveyor belt, can realize unmanned automatic strapping, greatly save manpower, reduce cost and improve efficiency. Fully automatic machine in this field mainly is pallet strapping machine, which can meet high requirements of our customers. Pallet strapping machine can be roughly divided into the following types: the strapping machine is mobile or the strapping machine has a fixed position. For example, depending on the situation on site, the number of pallets that need to be strapped and the desired degree of automation, customers can choose the machine that best suits their requirements.

Classification of Strapping Machine

Mastek specializes in the development of the world's leading strapping equipment, manufacturing high quality automatic and semi-automatic strapping machines. Mastek machines are designed and engineered to provide unmatched reliability and durability.

Mastek offers over a variety of different strapping models. Just let us know what you need, our experts can help you find the right strapping machine for your specific application and budget!

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