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MK300 Automatic Vertical Pallet Strapping Machine Ultrasonic Strapping Head SEPO II

Advanced Technology& Durable Strapping Head
Advanced Technology& Durable Strapping Head

    ● Ultrasonic type SEPO II: Quiet & dust-free operation, up to 90% of strap breaking load Servo Motor drive system, strapping tension can be adjusted on the screen.

    ● 24 hours continuous operation, suitable for brick or wood fields

    ● Module Design:Quick Maintenance & quick exchange by 8 screws. Special inner design makes maintenance easier.

Quality Control&Multiple service
Quality Control&Multiple service

    ● MK300 pallet strapping machine adopts world-renowned key parts, such as SEW motor, Siemens PLC, Siemens inverter, SICK sensor.

    ● 3 year warranty for strapping head. Whether it is Mastek ultrasonic or friction strapping head, Mastek offers a 3-year warranty.

    ● IoT remote service +7x24 technical support. MK300 has an optional touch screen with IoT technology, and we can support customers online via remote control, with local Mastek distributor engineers providing on-site service.

Smart Operation System

    ●Operation guidance (shown in the screen)guides operator how to do the next step, it will be easier for operator to understand the machine, and use the machine smoothly.

    ●Automatic detection of straps end, improve the success rate of straps delivery. The load size is automatic adjusted by the electronic monitor, and the tension is consistent, so that each bundle of tension on different product sizes is the same.

    ●Smart alarms and solutions can be found on the screen. Operators or maintenance personnel can find alarm solutions on the on-screen alarm details page. MK300 system has just one monitor to show the working status of the machine and provides an alarm solution that makes maintenance faster and easier for customers.

MK300 Optional: Multifunction Design

    MK300 optional ①  90 turntable

    Slew Bearing type turntable

    No maintenance needed in the future, 400-750mm working height. Every 90 degrees rotation of the turntable, MK300 will pack a strap on the pallet. A total of 4 times of rotation, realize that each side of pallet have 2 straps, each strap position fixed, pattern: 2x2  2x0  0x2  bypass

    MK300 optional ② Moving Frame:

    a. If 2 strips are packed on the width side and the length side at the same time, the position of the strips can be different. MK300 will adjust the position of the strips according to the size of each side of the tray.

    b.Make the machine fit pallets of different sizes, if there is no intersection of all pallet bottoms through the strapping holes, the moving frame will move the machine according to the size to fit it.

    c.length or width side, if one side need strapping over 2 times 

    Moving frame + 90 turntable achieve pattern:2x3  3x3  3x2  2x2  2x0  0x2  bypass

MK300 Optional: Multifunction Design

    MK300Pro Dual Strapping Head Pallet Strapping Machine 

    1.MK300pro with Strapping Head, 2 strapping belts can be completed at the same time, greatly improving the packaging efficiency, suitable for empty bottles and other unstable pallets.

    2.If the product requires pressure function, such as cotton bag, chemical bag, battery material bag, MK300 Pro can choose a maximum of 500KG pressure top. The product is equipped with top pressure function before strapping.

Top edge  protector applicator
Top edge protector applicator

    Corners are automatically placed on the pallet to protect the soft product during strapping. Maximum 100 sheets, 50*50mm wide, 100mm long paper corners, rounded corners can also be used.

Powered super PET jumbo dispenser
Powered super PET jumbo dispenser

    1500mm turntable, from 50-500kg PET coil, longer uptime, less coil replacement, greatly improving work safety. M-shaped turntable or ramp is optional.

Automatic Batten feeder

    MK300 batten feeder is a kind of custom functions, widely used in lumber field, can be used as one or at most three compartment version. Handle battens of different lengths.


Performance:Strapping HeadTop-mounted Ultrasonic SEPOII
Single straps packing speed: Approx. 15-25 secondsPLC ControlSIEMENS (with Ethernet communication)

(Depending on product's height and width)InverterSIEMENS
Maximum load width (conveyor by MK)1200mm(standard)- 2200mmTouch ScreenMastek IoT Screen
Maximum load height1500mm(standard)- 2500mmUp and down motorSEW motor
Minimum load size800*500mm(W*H)Sealing head motorINOVANCE servo motor

Sword moving motorINOVANCE servo motor
Tension range500-3000N (adjustable)SensorSICK
Straps feeding speed2m/secondCylinderSMC(Only for friction type strapping head)
Joint sealing length30mmEnd of strap signalAutomatic detect
Passage Sizes:Sealing unit self clean systemOnly for friction type strapping head
Maximum through width for conveyor1500mm(standard)- 2500mm

Pallet through hole for strapsMinimum :150*80mm(W*H)
Conveyor height500mm (standard ) - others on request
PET1208(12mm wide/0.8mm thickness)Machine WarrantyOne year (3 years for strapping head)
1508(15mm wide/0.8mm thickness)Technical support24 hours x7 days a week
1908(15mm wide/1.0mm thickness)

PP1510(15mm wide/1.0mm thickness)
Strap Coil Dispenser:Optional
Coil diameter600-760mm①strapping headFriction type
Coil Inner diameter406mm+10mm②anti-explosion strapping headDust Proof level SEPOII (anti)
Coil width150mm
Electricity:③90 degree turntableSuit for 2 straps on each side
Power consumption:2.5KW④Servo driven moving frameSuit for different pallet size
Voltage380V /415/480V/50 or 60Hz 3phase⑤Conveyor systemRoller /Chain/Salt conveyor
Penumatic Data⑥Top Protection sheet folding deviceFor 5mm Paper sheet
Air consumption2-3 CFM @ 60-80 PSI⑦Top edge protector applicator100pcs *100mm*50/50mm*5mm (paper)
(only for friction strapping head)⑧Batten feederAccording to requirments
Machine weight1200KG⑨Powered super jumbo dispenserMotor driven turntable
Machine size3902*1581*3116mm⑩Two straps packing at same timeMK300Pro +(two strapping heads)


MK300 Automatic Vertical Pallet Strapping Machine Ultrasonic Strapping Head SEPO II

End Of Line Packaging Solution:

MK300 Automatic Vertical Pallet Strapping Machine Ultrasonic Strapping Head SEPO II


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